Service and Repair

Just like your body, your bike needs routine maintenance to have a long and happy life. Let’s give it some love.

We do not require appointments except in very rare cases.


General Repair

We can do anything from a replacing a tube in a flat tire, replacing a worn our chain or brake pads, to a complete tear down of your bike followed by a full professional rebuild.

Bring your bike in when it’s convenient for you. We will get it into a repair stand while you wait and take a look then discuss your options based on your needs and budget. Most repair jobs are completed within a day or two. If you aren’t sure what your bike may need bring it in.

We also offer a few appointment slots per day for tune up and larger repairs. This may work best for you if we have already discussed your bike’s needs and you need your bike in and out as quickly as possible.


Wheel Building

Your bike’s wheels are your bike’s feet. The rim, hub and spokes all work together to make an incredibly strong component. The wheels that came with the bike are just fine for most of us. Sometimes though it may be time for an upgrade or a different style of wheel to get the most out of your bike. If your goal is a lighter, faster, tougher, or prettier set of wheels we can design a set for you and build them in house.
Generally speaking wheels are the best investment you can make on a bicycle.  

Suspension Service

Your bike’s suspension needs routine maintenance in order to keep working properly. Seals and oil break down and become contaminated with time. Pivot bearings and bushings wear out. It happens slowly so you may not even notice the decrease in performance. A fairly inexpensive service early on can save you from a very costly repair or part replacement down the road.


New Bike Builds

The Internet has changed the bike industry. There are companies offering new bikes that they will ship directly to you or to a shop for assembly. “Assembly” is getting the bike into the shape of a bike. Assembly is what you see on most box store bikes. With very rare exception the skill of a bicycle technician and several bicycle specific tools are highly recommended to get any new bike “built and tuned” to its full potential.
The fee for this service is $85+ (depending on the complexity of the build this is a somewhat variable price.)

Bike Boxing and Rebuilding

If you are planning a trip or just finished a tour and need your bike boxed to ship or fly we can do this for you. In most cases if you are shipping the bike it’s a one stop visit. Once you get the bike to us, we box it up and email you the shipping dimensions and weight. You use that information to buy a shipping label from one of several 3rd party shippers (BikeFlights and ShipBikes are the most common) then email it back to us. The shipping company picks the bike up and delivers it to you.

For most bike boxing the fee is $65.

We can also rebuild a bike that is shipped to us or brought in. If you are planning on visiting or moving to the San Diego area reach out to us and get us the tracking information. Once we can confirm the arrival date of the bike we will put it in the work lineup for that or the next day and get it rebuilt and ready to ride. If we notice any repairs that need to be made we will get your OK for that unless it was previously discussed.

The fee to rebuild a boxed bike is generally $35-55 variable on the complexity of the build.


Basic Tune $60

Adjust brakes and shifting. Air up tires and lubricate chain and cables. Wipe down bike and check for loose fasteners.  

(Most functional bikes only need this one)

Deluxe Tune $85

Basic Tune services PLUS 2-3 extra services Example:  Basic Tune PLUS bottom bracket adjust and wheel true

Overhaul $175

Complete tear down of the bike. Disassemble, degrease, and clean all components. Fresh grease or lube on all bearings and moving parts

10% off all installed parts and components

A La Carte Labor

Flat Repair (Labor Only) $10

Hub, Brake, or Gear Adjust (Each) $10

Box Bike to Ship or Travel $65

Install Bar Tape $10

Install New Chain $10

True Wheel $15

Replace Spoke (Labor Only) $25

Build New Boxed Bike $65+

Build Boxed Bike (post shipping) $45+

Wheel Build Labor $70

Service Suspension Fork Lowers $60

Service Suspension Linkage (Labor Only) $100+

Rebuild Air Shock $30

Chris King Hub Service $30-70

Bleed Brake $25

Post-Crash Insurance Assess Bike $40

Most accessories bought from us will be installed free of charge:  Racks, fenders, seats, grips, locks,

bottle cages, lights, etc.

*Some services may be higher based on the complexity of the job. We reserve the right to adjust labor cost but will discuss changes with you before completing the service.